Responsible gambling

As experienced gamblers we know all about the risks that come with online gambling. Therefor we have listed some tips for you on how to gamble safe and responsibly!

Don’t gamble to make money

First of, never ever gamble to earn money. Consider every deposit as a loss and don’t expect it to turn in to a win. Ofcourse, when you do win this is amazing. But when you lose, you will feel less bummed. Secondly, the odds of you getting rich by gambling are incredibly low. In the long term you will most likely lose more than you will win. Keep this in mind. Never bet money you can’t afford to lose. Know when to stop.

Know when to play

Make sure that when you play, you are in the right state of mind. This obviously means that gambling when under the influence of narcotics or alcohol is a very (very, very) bad idea. But also your mood should be right. You shouldn’t use gambling to cheer yourself up when you’re down, angry or depressed. Trust us, you will probably only feel worse and your decision making will be clouded by bad energy.

Understand the way online casinos work

When you are thrilled and excited, you probably act less responsibly. By knowing how casinos work, your conscience will always play up to keep you responsible. So before joining an online casino or a community, make sure that you do some reading. Understand RTP (return to player), know your slot structure and figure out the odds on table games.

Ofcourse, we are here to answer your questions during our streams.

Go with the flow

Gambling responsibility means understanding that you just can’t win all the time. There will be highs, but there will definitely be lows too. You may win a major jackpot bonus today, but tomorrow could be a dreadful day without hitting any bonuses.

Gambling should be fun, so when you start feeling anxious, frustrated or angry while playing- STOP! Take a break. Go outside. Walk your dog or do some laundry. Just stop when it starts to influence you negatively.

Talk to us

Remember: we are here for YOU! Our biggest purpose is to entertain our community, and to make sure our community has a great time. With this, we believe we have the responsibility to educate and advise. So if sometimes you feel down or in other ways affected by gambling, watch our stream. We always keep the chat active and talk back. You can ask us anything and we will provide you with our best advise. We always aim to have a positive vibe and to brighten your day!

Set a limit

When you start feeling out of control, you can choose to set a limit. This could mean several things. You can start by a deposit limit, and choose for a daily, weekly or monthly limit. There are also time limits and of course, you could pause your account. For a while, or forever.

In case you have multiple accounts, or you don’t trust your own decision making, you could install a Gamban, to make sure you can not log on to any online casinos.